New domestic liquid fuel field guide

OFTEC registered liquid fuel heating technicians now have free access to the new digital, domestic liquid fuel field guide.

New domestic liquid fuel field guide

This useful guide has been designed to be a concise and accessible on-site reference tool to support your installation and servicing work and is now freely available to download from the OFTEC website. 

Key features of the field guide:

The guide has been designed to complement the OFTEC technical manual. It has been formatted as a PDF file and is essentially a digital book. Once downloaded to your smartphone or other device, it can serve as a practical tool for on-site or office use. It covers a wide range of subjects relevant to your work, including:

• Compliance.

• Fuel storage tanks.

• Fill and vent pipes.

• Fuel supply systems.

• Appliances.

• Carbon monoxide detectors.

• Flues and chimneys.

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