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Churnet Valley Railway Tuffa


Keeping out the coal’d at Churnet Valley Railway

Churnet Valley Railway runs on the former North Staffordshire Railway line which, during the late 19th and early 20th Century, brought thousands of visitors to local attractions including the Earl of Shrewsbury’s gardens (now Alton Towers) and Uttoxeter Racecourse.
Oil tank insurance


Technicians reduce local pollution risk

You may have seen an article in the Summer 2021 edition where we introduced an exciting trial we have been involved in across Hampshire and West Sussex with the Environment Agency (EA) and Portsmouth Water.


Three trade associations, one common goal…

As we move to deliver a low carbon liquid fuel, we recognise that burning the fuel is only one piece of the jigsaw. The product has to be stored, transported and distributed to the end user. In Ireland, that’s where UKIFDA and FFI come into play.


Tank safety – extra checks recommended!

Many consumers and businesses have taken advantage of the recent low cost of heating oil and some may even have purchased new and/or second hand tanks to store the fuel in. These tanks are likely to have been placed in rear gardens adjacent to an existing tank, with little thought given to the tank base, fire safety or whether the total volume stored now exceeds the domestic storage regulations.


Welsh businesses urged to get ready ahead of new tank regulations

New regulations from Natural Resources Wales, due to come into force in March 2020, will mean that all above-ground tanks in excess of 200 litres, used to store oil at commercial premises in Wales, are required to have a secondary containment system to prevent oil escaping to the environment in the event of a spillage


It’s better bunded……

See how your business could benefit from the opportunities/rewards available for installers of bunded tanks.


The future of liquid fuels in Ireland

By David Blevings, OFTEC Ireland Manager – There are around 1.2million oil-fired homes in Ireland and the market and legislative framework is different to that operating in GB. While we have a building control requirement in Northern Ireland (if a structural alteration takes place such as a new low-level flue) there is no requirement for any notification in the Republic and limited input from local enforcement in both jurisdictions in replacement boiler scenarios.