Are registration schemes created equal?

Reflecting on our participation at InstallerShow, we would first like to thank the many registered and non-registered technicians and professionals that came to our stand to talk to us. There were common themes in the enquiries, so we thought we would share the most frequently asked questions and our replies.


Why should I join OFTEC?

For installers in England, Wales, the Channel Isles and Isle of Man, there are three ways to meet building regulations regarding fitting liquid fuel boilers, tanks, etc:

  • Paying an approved inspector to validate compliance
  • Paying the local authority to sign off, or
  • Joining a government-licensed competent persons scheme (CPS) and simply notifying the local authority of your installations via a recognised system

Which route you choose will be dictated by the cost versus the perceived benefits of joining a scheme. Technicians installing more than three installations . . .

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