AHHHH!! Heat loss calculations… again!

Following OFTEC’s recent E-News article addressing heat loss requirements, it is evident that the advice, guidance, and overall complexity pose significant challenges for technicians installing liquid fuel appliances.

Heat loss calculation

A major obstacle faced by technicians is interpreting the requirements outlined in energy efficiency documents, such as Approved Document Part L (England) of the building regulations. These documents, while crucial, are not always straightforward, leading to confusion when striving for compliance. OFTEC aims to clarify that we do not create these requirements, instead, we merely convey and interpret them for technicians.

OFTEC Support:

OFTEC has taken steps towards helping simplify the calculation process. The receipt of a letter of intention from the Building Safety Regulator allowing the use of the simplified method for replacement-only boilers in England is a significant step, However, it’s important to note that the referenced document is still in the consultancy stage, and we actively . . .

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