Heat loss calculations – OFTEC technical notice 38


Heat loss calculations – OFTEC technical notice 38

This technical notice explains a change to building regulations guidance that requires appropriate detailed heat loss calculations to be undertaken when installing a heating appliance. This notice applies to installations at domestic and non-domestic buildings.

Building regulations guidance

Governments in all regions issue building regulations guidance documents, such as Approved Documents in England and Wales. These documents set out what is reasonable provision for compliance with building regulations. Technicians who follow the guidance in these documents benefit from a presumption of compliance with the building regulations.

Beginning in 2021, building regulations guidance documents in England, Scotland, and Wales have been amended to require that appliances and heating systems should not be significantly oversized, as this reduces energy efficiency. New guidance states that the specification of heating systems (including appliances) should be based on both of the following:

  • An appropriate heat loss calculation for the dwelling.
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