Important changes to Building Regulations – duties and competence

A new Part 2A has been inserted into the Building Regulations (Amendments etc.) (England) Regulations 2023. This contains detailed requirements on clients to appoint designers and contractors who are competent, and new duties for the clients, designers and contractors which came into force on 1st October.

A new addition to the Building Regulations.

Compulsory reading

The new Part 2A of the Building Regulations should be urgent and compulsory reading for everyone involved in the construction sector who has any responsibility for procuring building work of any kind, or for designing or building it. Part 2A introduces a whole series of new regulations, 17 in total, covering the duties, competence and behaviour of clients, designers and contractors. Part 2A also creates the new roles and duties of the principal designer and contractor for every project. These were first called for over five years ago in Dame Judith Hackitt’s landmark review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

New regulation . . .

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