Boiler sales – a significant improvement

Boiler Sales
Last winter’s prolonged icy blast may have been a source of misery for many UK residents, but it seems to have done no harm at all to oil boiler sales, which have seen a significant improvement since October 2012.

Sales for the latest heating season (October 2012-March 2013) were up almost 14%, compared to the previous winter, with sales in March up by an amazing 35%. The improvement began in October and was sustained during November. Although sales then declined in December, they remained above the 2011 figure and surged strongly again in January and February.

This is welcome news because throughout the rest of 2012 boiler sales had been disappointing, particularly during the summer and early autumn period. While still well below the volumes achieved in the early 2000s, the improvement is welcome news and goes some way towards refuting the views of those who believe that oil heating has no future. With around 55,000 new boilers sold last year in the UK and Ireland, there’s plenty of evidence that oil heating will be around for some time to come!