Navien UK unveils its first 100% hydrogen boiler

A new 100% hydrogen boiler has been launched by leading boiler and heating appliances manufacturer, Navien UK in its bid to support consumers making the move to low carbon heating solutions.

Navien launches 100% hydrogen boiler

Navien’s H2 100% hydrogen boiler showcases, to both installers and homeowners, the future possibilities for the domestic heating industry and is designed to be entirely hydrogen-fuelled once the necessary infrastructure is in place. 

A range of technologies

Jason Davies, sales director at Navien UK, said: “The H2 100% Hydrogen boiler is a leading example of the future of heating and hot water applications. The reliable and easy to install system has been designed to ensure homeowners in need of a new boiler can make the switch when hydrogen is available nationwide.”

The H2 is part of a range of recent developments from Navien as the manufacturer seeks to support the Government’s plans to improve efficiency standards across the industry. Criticism has been levelled at the Government for its ‘all eggs in one basket’ approach to decarbonising home energy, but, with a growing acceptance that a range of technologies will be needed, Navien are providing customers with a hydrogen boiler alternative for their homes.

Earlier this year, the government announced the inception of the UK’s Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, highlighting its importance in the UK’s Net Zero roadmap and a £240 million investment intended to pave the way for new green hydrogen production projects. Indeed, the first hydrogen homes and villages are currently being trialled to establish the simplicity of changing existing boilers and appliances to hydrogen ready alternatives – a project Navien UK is heavily involved in.

A role for hydrogen

Most boiler manufacturers are in the process of developing boilers that can be fuelled with a 20% hydrogen blend and Navien is one of approximately eight who have developed a 100% hydrogen-ready boiler.

Jason continued: “Hydrogen-powered appliances such as this, have a crucial part to play in what will be a revolutionary and more efficient new source of power to help the homeowner of today and future generations that are yet to come.”