Peace of mind for installers with new 5-year, 5-point oil boiler warranty

Leading oil boiler manufacturer, Hounsfield Boilers, has introduced an industry leading 5-year warranty which has just 5 points to its terms and conditions.

New, no small print warranty offer is an industry first.

The new warranty is offered across the entire Hounsfield Boilers range of HVO-ready, oil-fired boilers. The move has been made to give installers and customers peace of mind, feeling rest assured there’s no small print to catch them out.

Andrew Hounsfield, MD, Hounsfield Boilers said: “We have always prided ourselves that we make the best quality boilers with no compromises, and our awards and loyal customer base attests to that. By tweaking our terms and conditions to just 5 short, plain and simple points we are keeping everything transparent and easy to understand”.

No small print

Andrew added: “Whilst other boiler manufacturers offer longer warranty periods, which may make them seem attractive and headline grabbing, they also come with pages of conditions and get out clauses. There is no small print with the Hounsfield warranty and it covers all the parts except service items.

“This is unique in the heating industry and gives customers reassurance that when they buy a Hounsfield boiler they are covered if something goes wrong”. 

Hounsfield Boilers is well-known in the domestic heating industry for producing exceptionally high-quality oil boilers that are very efficient and built to last. The warranty covers all components for 5 years. For the heat exchanger there is a discounted price for 5 years after the warranty period, with the full cost only applying in year 11.

Unique simplicity

The 5 terms and conditions of the Hounsfield Boilers’ 5-year warranty are:

  • The warranty must be registered with Hounsfield Boilers within 30 days of installation.
  • The supplied life-long Teflon cored flexible oil hose must be retained.
  • The supplied fire-valve and oil filter kit must be fitted and retained.
  • The boiler must be serviced every year.
  • All warranty work must be authorised in writing by Hounsfield Boilers before starting.

Hounsfield Boilers was set up in 2008 by Andrew, after 30 years in the boiler industry, and the boilers are designed and manufactured at the company’s base in Needham Market, with the majority of the components sourced from the UK. Having won awards and become popular with plumbers and installers alike, thanks to their ingenious design and durability, the boilers are also ready to run on the future replacement fuel for kerosene, HVO.

Hounsfield’s boilers have found homes in some of the UK’s most prestigious properties, rockstar cribs, churches, rural off-grid homes, and are also exported around the world, including New Zealand and the Falkland Islands.