New requirements in Scotland

There are new changes which come into effect on 1 April 2024 in Scotland, which technicians, designers and specifiers need to be aware of if working on new homes and buildings.

New requirements in Scotland

The new regulations stipulate that you will not be able to use direct emission (classed as polluting) heating systems such as oil, gas or bioenergy boilers located within the building or curtilage of the building, but will have to install Zero Direct Emission Heating Systems (ZDEHS).

The rationale is to future proof new homes and buildings so that they will not have to be retrofitted with a ZDEHS alternative in the future, potentially eliminating the need for disruptive retrofit works. This requirement does not affect buildings on heat networks.

Are there any exemptions whereby a ZDEHS does not have to be installed?

The following exemptions apply:

• A building that is being altered or extended under a . . .

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