Safety first with oil tanks – using fire protection barriers

In the quiet corners of homes and businesses across the UK, tucked away in gardens and yards, sit the unsung heroes of winter warmth - fuel oil tanks. These tanks silently fuel our heating systems, providing comfort, hot water and cosiness during the chilly months.

Safety first with oil tanks - using fire protection barriers

Thousands of households and businesses rely on oil-based heating systems. However, the convenience and efficiency of such systems come with a necessary caution: the risk of fire.

While rare, the consequences of a fire involving an oil tank can be severe, posing a threat not only to property but also to lives… and this is why regulations are tight concerning where oil tanks can be sited.

Of course, different restrictions apply to siting tanks near buildings and boundaries, but the constraints can mean that choosing the right location without compromising on outdoor space or aesthetics, is tricky for your customers.

Fire protection

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