Welsh heat strategy published

An over-reliance on heat pumps at the expense of a technology inclusive approach may not be successful, says OFTEC.

Welsh heat strategy published

Two years on from the publication of heat strategies for the UK and Scotland, the Welsh Government now has one of its own. As might be expected, it’s big on ambition, but OFTEC has concerns that the range of preferred technology options is too limited.

Serious challenges

The housing stock in Wales presents some serious challenges, and the new strategy acknowledges that Wales “has some of the oldest and poorest energy-performing buildings in Europe, and ‘hard-to-treat’ homes are widespread”. It’s concerning then that it states a strong technology preference for heat pumps but has little to say about the other low carbon heat technologies that are also likely to be needed – and nothing at all about renewable liquid fuels such as HVO.

It’s . . .

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