What next for net zero?

OFTEC’s head of public affairs, Malcolm Farrow, takes a deep dive into the recent announcements from the Government and what it could mean for the heating industry.

What next for net zero?

Has the Government really abandoned some of its key net zero policies? From the reaction to Prime Minister Sunak’s speech in September, where he set out the Government’s new approach to net zero, you might be forgiven for thinking so. The speech met with considerable criticism and was widely condemned for watering down the policies needed to achieve net zero – effectively making a difficult task even harder.

At first glance the criticism looks justified. Sunak’s announcement appears motivated more by short-term political need than strategic policy thinking. With a General Election due next year, the Conservatives need to shore up their support, so delaying policies that will be unpopular with motorists, or householders in Conservative-held rural areas, seems . . .

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