R100 rules for registration revision

Under our internal quality system, OFTEC does an annual review of the rules for registration. We do this to take in any scheme changes coming from government, or other scheme owners (like MCS or TrustMark). Version 14 has just been released and is now available on the OFTEC website.

What heating engineers need to know about important new changes to building regulations

Changes are minimal but incorporate information brought up since the last review. For example, the new Building Safety (BSR) is now running competent person schemes. There is also better understanding that the OFTEC registration scheme is based on the mandatory technical competencies (MTCs) for work under Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations for England and Wales. 

Under the MTCs, a business is required to maintain records for no less than six years (or from the point of first registering, whichever is the sooner). These records include installation and commissioning records, system design and contracts. Another change is that, on the advice of the OFTEC technical team, self-certification of oil storage tanks are limited to 10,000 litres. 

Joining requirements for new registrants have also been amended relating to the course or qualification a technician holds as a pre-requisite to registration. Technicians holding accredited courses to ISO 17024 can provide up to five jobs for their initial evaluation before certification, however businesses employing technicians with non-accredited courses will have to complete the OFTEC initial evaluation process before self-certifying work.

In these cases, the one job that was inspected for the initial evaluation can be re-commissioned and submitted onto the work notification portal after registration is finalised, as long as the work is seen to be compliant.

Please see the OFTEC website for the full R100 document.