UK installers suffering

Worcester Bosch head of government and external affairs, Neil Schofield
Neil Schofield, calling for clarity and commitment
A further delay to the second phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is eroding confidence in the government’s commitment to renewable technologies,” says Neil Schofield, head of government and external affairs at Worcester, Bosch Group.

“The latest delay is disappointing and suggests that the scheme is unlikely to come into play until the middle of next year. All momentum is being lost by this succession of delays.

“How can an installer be expected to sell renewables when they don’t know when the incentive will come into play? Or, how long it will last for, or even how much funding will be on offer?

“My understanding is that fewer than 50 applications have been made in all of London under the first phase of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme.  The RHPP concept remains too hard for the installer to sell to a potential customer.

“Whilst it comes as no great surprise to see the RHI delayed even further, UK installers are continuing to suffer as a result of this prolonged uncertainty. I would urge DECC to act sooner rather than later in bringing some clarity to an industry which is nowhere near reaching its full potential.”