Fire safety – no compromise

Fire safety with Fuel Stop fire valve
Meeting the requirements – FuelStop’s TFV
Capillary fire valves are a legal requirement for fuel burners. “When it comes to fire safety, there’s no compromise,” says Bob Blincowe of FuelStop.

“It’s imperative that the valve selected boasts high-quality, exceptional reliability and optimum flexibility.  The FuelStop thermostatic fire valve (TFV) is liquid-filled rather than gas-filled, providing more reliability even in harsh weather conditions. Suitable for Class C and D fuels, as well as LPG, the TFV offers a range of pipe connections and capillary lengths.

“Part J of the Building Regulations requires that oil supply pipe systems have a means of automatic isolation. A way of meeting this would be to install fuel pipework which is resistant to the effects of fire and to fit a proprietary fire valve system in accordance with the relevant recommendations in BS 5410 part 1. The TFV is the only capillary valve to not only meet this requirement, but to also to meet OFTEC OFS E101:1998,” says Bob.