Save time, money and hassle with Arctic Hayes’ Pipe Freeze kits

Arctic Hayes is encouraging professional heating and plumbing engineers to save more time, money and hassle on-site with its range of Pipe Freeze kits, which enable installers to repair pipework without draining down the whole system.

Save time, money and hassle with Arctic Hayes’ Pipe Freeze kits

Trusted by professionals for 57 years, since its original patent in 1966, Arctic Hayes’ Pipe Freeze kits can reduce job time by an average of 85%, based on a two-hour drain down and refill. Based on a standard 15mm copper pipe, Arctic Hayes Professional Pipe Freeze kit can also freeze pipes in just one minute.

The easy-to-apply Freeze Spray forms a temporary ice plug in the pipe so that work can be carried out with a minimum of disruption. There is no need to locate a stop-cock or service valves and it also reduces the potential for water spillage and property damage. 

There are three different types of kit in the range; ‘Aero’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Electric’, each kit caters for a range of pipe sizes and a number of applications and choosing the right one for the job at hand is easy.

Pipe Freezer ‘Aero’ is a disposable kit, containing enough refrigerant to perform one or two freezes on pipework up to 28mm and can be used for jobs such as changing a radiator valve, replacing a stop-cock or other service valves.

Specific kits for domestic, commercial and industrial pipework

With specific kits for domestic, commercial and industrial pipework, the ‘Professional’ range comes with extra features such as re-useable components and dual freeze options and is designed for plumbers and engineers who carry out regular pipework repairs and maintenance such as replacing stopcocks, radiator valves, heating pumps, zone valves and installing magnetic filters.

These kits are simple to use and can freeze pipes in just four simple steps. Firstly, select the insulated jacket and wrap it securely around the pipe that needs freezing. Fasten the jacket using the zip ties provided in the kit to ensure a snug fit and optimal freezing. Allow the refrigerant to flow into the jacket, freezing the pipe in just a matter of minutes.

Finally, once the pipe is frozen, turn off the refrigerant flow and proceed with repair or installation work without draining the system – resulting in remarkable time and effort savings.

Ideal for professionals engaging in a large-scale contract and commercial plumbing jobs, the ‘Electric’ range of Pipe Freeze Kits delivers mains-powered pipe freezing and therefore an indefinite freeze time when used with a continuous power supply.

Electric Pipe Freeze Kits range from the ‘Mini’ to ‘Commercial’ and ‘Industrial’ versions, each supplied with appropriately sized head clamps and reducers, freeze cream, gloves and instructions.

Arctic Hayes has a ‘Find Your Freeze’ selector tool on its website to make finding the right Pipe Freeze product even easier.