The 2024 top five servicing tools for installers

From mending leaks to putting pipework together, Arctic Hayes supports busy installers with its comprehensive range of boiler servicing and installation essentials that become the unsung heroes as boiler breakdowns become more common.

The 2024 top five servicing tools for installers

Pipe cutters

A toolkit ‘must-have’ as achieving precise, clean cuts without any burrs is crucial when cutting pipes. It’s imperative to ensure a secure connection without damaging connectors like O-Rings, and to avoid crushing the pipe which can cause leaks. The Arctic Hayes 26mm pipe cutter is specifically designed for PVC and multi-layered pipes. Its operation is straightforward - simply insert the pipe, apply pressure to cut and obtain a clean, precise edge. For larger pipes, the 42mm Ratchet Pipe Cutter provides an equally user-friendly experience.

Pipe benders

An essential tool for installers, pipe benders need to be easy and comfortable to use. Bending a pipe to fit a particular angle can often eliminate . . .

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