Scope of work

OFTEC’s registered technicians often call our technical department when they are unsure of what output pressure jet boiler they can service, install, or maintain.

Boiler scope of work

Additionally, they often ask what scope of registration they need to hold to work on a specific boiler.

Terms like 45kW, 70kW, domestic and non-domestic can add to the uncertainty. For example, England Building Regulations Approved Document J refers to oil-burning appliances with a rated output of up to 45kW, whereas British Standards guidance documents are split up to installations serving domestic buildings with an appliance no greater than 70kW output (BS 5410-1), and non-domestic buildings with no reference to the size of the appliance (BS 5410-2).

This article will not be deep diving into classification of buildings (what is classed as domestic or non-domestic), nor how appliances with a rated output exceeding 70kW are to be installed. However, we hope the following explanation will be helpful.

The OFT10-105E allows you to install fixed oil and bio-liquid combustion appliances of any size/output for space heating and hot water services (caution should be exercised that you hold the relevant scope to enable the commissioning of the appliance).

With regards to commissioning or servicing, this is split up into two categories. There is the OFT10-101 which allows you to work on single stage pressure jet appliances and is not restricted to size of output providing it is single stage burner. Then there is the OFT10-201 which covers multi-stage pressure jet appliances up to 2MW.

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact OFTEC’s technical department who are always happy to assist with any queries and provide guidance on the matter.