Danfoss expands proven range with launch of 100% biofuel-ready pump

With the home heat sector increasingly embracing the essential decarbonisation journey by using low carbon liquid fuels to significantly reduce emissions from oil-fired boilers, Danfoss has added an exciting new product to its established range of biofuel-ready pumps and nozzles.

Danfoss releases a new Bio100 pump extending its range of future ready products

The release of the new Bio100 pump sees the manufacturer of high quality, reliable burner components take the next step in bio products, by making its pumps and nozzles 100% biofuel ready.

Embracing the challenge

Transitioning to liquid low-carbon fuels, many of which are already available, will contribute significantly to solving the challenge of decarbonising the home heat sector especially when used as a drop-in replacement fuel for a modern oil-fired condensing boilers. To help customers to decarbonise, Danfoss embraced the challenge of getting biofuels to the boiler with the release, last year, of its Bio30 pump and HVO-ready nozzles.

The new addition to the bio product portfolio, the Bio100 pump, is designed for both domestic and commercial applications and has been adapted to ensure all product components are 100% bio compatible as Mark McElroy of Danfoss Burner Components explains:

“We have spent many years researching fuels that we believe will be the mainstream supply for the home heating sector in the future and made the necessary changes to our existing BFP pumps, ensuring that any materials that are affected by such blends are replaced by components which are least affected over a period of time.

“Over the past 75 years, Danfoss has built a reputation for high-quality, reliable products,” Mark continues. “And provided the fuels used adhere to the required British standards, our customers can expect that same standard from our new line of bio products.”

Nozzles ready for the HVO market

The expanded portfolio of bio products also includes HVO nozzles, which have been adjusted and are now fully compatible for 100% biofuel use. These nozzles are designed for domestic oil burners in the UK and enable them to use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) derived from used cooking oil or non-food vegetable oils.

As Mark concludes: “We’re pleased to support our customers decarbonisation efforts by providing them with the highest quality solutions for transitioning to carbon-neutral energy sources.”

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