Grant kicks carbon into touch with Bath Rugby

Grant UK and Bath Rugby Club have unveiled their ‘Kick the Carbon’ campaign, which aims to highlight the different ways we can all make changes in our day-to-day lives to help reduce carbon emissions.

Grant UK kick carbon into touch with Bath Rugby

As a corporate partner of Bath Rugby Club, Grant was keen to raise the profile of sustainable home heating, as well as showing the other ways in which the Club, its players and supporters can reduce carbon emissions.

The ‘Kick the Carbon’ digital campaign features a series of short videos in which some local school children join forces with Josh McNally, Tom Ellis, Will Spencer, Will Butt, Josh Bayliss, Beno Obano, Mike Williams and Miles Reid from Bath Rugby to take part in some fun-filled challenges. The children also interview the players to find out what they as individuals are doing to reduce their impact on the environment, as well learning more about what Bath Rugby are doing as a Club to be more sustainable.

The goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions is a big challenge but the campaign aims to show how even the smallest of changes to daily routines can make a difference. The enthusiasm of the school children combined with the entertaining antics of the Bath Rugby players delivers the campaign’s important messaging in an engaging and accessible way. From opting to hang laundry on the washing line instead of using a tumble dryer, through to making more efficient heating choices within the home, there are multiple ways in which everyone can Kick the Carbon!

“We are very excited to roll out this campaign which aims to put low carbon changes at the forefront of people’s minds,” comments Anna Wakefield, head of marketing at Grant.

“The ‘Kick the Carbon’ challenges were great fun to create with Bath Rugby as sustainability is incredibly important for both Grant and the Club. As a company, Grant not only supplies low carbon heating solutions, such as air source heat pumps, but we are also making big changes within our business to be more environmentally friendly. Similarly, Bath Rugby, who we have been a proud sponsor of for seven years, are also striving to lead the way in making greener, more sustainable choices as a Premiership Rugby Club. Our ‘Kick the Carbon’ videos are not only great fun to watch but they relay important advice that everyone can take away.”

Tom Giles, Bath Rugby’s head of business development added: “We are delighted to have worked with Grant on this campaign, with a powerful message at the heart of the entertaining content. Grant’s strategic vision to reduce carbon footprints is something Bath Rugby is aligned to and hugely passionate about, so it’s great to raise awareness of the small changes we can all make in our everyday lives.”