Comprehensive net zero guide presents new opportunities for UK installers and consumers 

Net zero is one step closer thanks to a new set of guidelines from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). Business Companion, a free online information resource operated by the CTSI, has produced a comprehensive resource including: 

  • Written materials 
  • Infographics 
  • Business checklists 
  • Podcasts 
  • Videos

The materials will help UK businesses and consumers in the Government’s goal to reach ‘Net Zero’ by 2050. The concept aims to balance greenhouse gas emissions with technologies to remove them. It forms part of the Government’s 10-point plan for a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’.  

Under the scheme, there will be 240,000 ‘green jobs’. Meanwhile, a new £3.9bn fund has been announced for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency measures. 

What to expect from the guide 

With support from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the guide will cover new technologies, certifications and practical advice for UK traders. It will also break down changes in consumer protection law, and outline financial incentives for households. 

New home technologies 

Offering vital information for both residents and installers, this section will feature an infographic on the ‘new green home’. It will explore new developments in heating systems such as biomass or heat pumps, as well as solar energy, wind turbines and home installation.  

Consumers will benefit from the updates on energy savings, while installers will have an insight into new product and service developments over the coming years. 

Certifications for installers 

With this wealth of home technology comes new legislation. The guidelines offer compliance tips and details on the latest certifications for installers looking to move into these markets. In particular, installers will learn about the Consumer Code for UK regions. 

There is also comprehensive information on certification bodies such as the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, and standards such as TrustMark. The guide breaks down certifications for each specific technology, such as heat pumps or solar energy. 

Consumer incentive schemes 

While consumers will benefit from energy savings with these home technologies, they’ll also have access to financial incentives. Schemes such as the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive will help to fund renewable heating costs. 

Likewise, the UK Government rewards homes that export renewable energy back into the grid. The guidelines state the incentives for UK-wide schemes and individual regions, such as the Home Energy Scotland Loan. 

Practical advice for businesses 

With these changes come a new set of challenges for UK businesses. The guidelines will help traders to navigate the complexities of new green legislation and general compliance. In particular, they’ll outline the specifics around consumer protection law – ensuring the same high standards with protections such as the Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. 

Where to find the Business Companion guide 

Best practices, consumer rights and the latest guidance are available now on the Business Companion website. Green energy expert and guide contributor Adrian Simpson said: “A carbon-free future requires competent, reliable and highly skilled tradespeople. We hope the guide will attract a new generation of reputable installers.” 

Access the Renewable Energy Guide here