SOS upgrades Ultimate Suction Pump

Combustion technician Jamie Pearce (left), with Stuart Bratt of Specific Oil Solutions
Combustion technician Jamie Pearce (left), with Stuart Bratt of Specific Oil Solutions

Specific Oil Solutions have upgraded their “Ultimate” Liquid Suction Pump after seven successful years on the market. Amongst the upgrades are new labelling and a purpose made, highly durable suction hose assembly.

The new hose for the oil-fired heating and cooking industry version of the pump is future proof, says the company. It is suitable for all fuel oils, including biofuels with up to 100% concentration.

“The full-bore hose design renders blockages from debris removal all but a nonentity. A new product accessories pack, together with full-colour packaging are also planned,” says Stuart Bratt of Specific Oil Solutions.  Testimony to the quality of the product comes in a comment from customer Mark Green, technical manager at Rix Heating, who says: “We have used the Ultimate Suction Pump for years now and wouldn’t be without them. We have in the past used other types of oil suction pumps but none of them are as reliable and clean as the ‘Ultimate’ and our engineers say it is one of the best tools in the van.”

Seven years ago Jamie Pearce, a combustion technician from Ludlow, Shropshire, was the first person to purchase an Ultimate liquid suction pump from SOS. Jamie is now among the first to take delivery of the latest version. “My Ultimate suction pump, together with my Satronic UP940 test box, are the two specialist tools on my van I couldn’t be without,”  he says.

Jamie’s new purchase will enable him to use his new pump for his “cleaner” kerosene work whilst retaining his seven-year old pump, which is still going strong, for the “dirtier” gas-oil jobs. In recognition of his continued support, SOS is providing Jamie with a retrofit upgraded replacement hose assembly for the old pump.

Specific Oil Solutions is based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, and Stuart Bratt  is particularly proud to support fellow UK businesses by sourcing as much of his raw materials as possible from within the UK.

 Stuart can be contacted at: