Talon backs installer’s anti-tool theft petition

Talon is backing its ambassador, Shoaib Awan, also known as @thegasexpert on Instagram, in his quest to successfully launch a petition aimed at curbing the rampant theft of power tools, a problem increasingly plaguing tradespeople across the UK. This petition seeks to impose a significant £10,000 fine on organisers who permit the sale of stolen tools at car boot sales and markets, a known avenue for the distribution of stolen goods.

Talon anti-theft campaign

Victims of theft

This move comes in response to the disturbing trend that sees countless tradespeople victimised by theft, significantly impacting their livelihood. The petition titled “Ban the Sale of Used Power Tools at Car Boot Sales and Markets” addresses this pressing issue head-on, aiming to dismantle a major outlet for distributing stolen items and deter future thefts. If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, then the idea will be considered for debate in parliament.

“Every day, hardworking individuals wake up to find their tools—essential for their trade and livelihood—stolen and possibly sold off at the nearest informal market. It’s time we help put a stop to this,” states Shoaib.

Rise in tool theft

Recent statistics indicate a worrying rise in tool theft incidents, with an estimated 50,000 of thefts reported annually in the UK. The financial impact is equally staggering, costing tradespeople and companies approximately £94 million each year. These figures underscore the urgent need for stringent measures to protect tradespeople and their assets.

The campaign has garnered significant attention, reflecting widespread concern among tradespeople about this issue. By signing the petition, supporters can voice their demand for stricter regulations and oversight at car boot sales and markets, venues long suspected as hotspots for the sale of stolen goods.

“The frequency and ease with which stolen tools are sold at car boot sales only perpetuates the cycle of theft. By implementing a hefty fine, the aim is to make organisers more vigilant and accountable, thereby cutting off a key route for these stolen goods to re-enter the market,” explains Mike Morris, Talon’s Marketing Manager.

“We do not want to see hard working tradespeople lose out or put out of business by the thieves and that’s why we are backing Shoaib and his campaign. With Talon’s backing, this campaign highlights the severity of tool theft and its repercussions on small businesses and sole traders who face the daunting task of replacing expensive equipment slap bang in a cost of living crisis.”

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Image credit: Talon