Is the recent Harlequin launch making installers ‘appy?

As a supplier and manufacturer of bunded oil tanks who works very closely with its installers, Harlequin recently launched the Harlequin Tank Centre, a simple yet effective web-based app, to connect with their installers who do work on the ground.

An app designed to make life easier for installers.

The app includes information on tank and base dimensions as well as easy access to tank warranty registration.

As we heard in the winter issue of Oil Installer, the app came about after it became clear that Harlequin needed to develop a solution to provide instant and easy access to all the relevant information required for the successful completion of their job.

Jon Jones, fuel product category manager for Harlequin, said that the company had been delighted with the uptake of the app: “Since its launch last year we didn’t expect the demand that has occurred. Several hundred tank installers have registered for the app which also provides a means of keeping up to date not only with product improvements but also developments within the industry such as the emergence of HVO as an alternative to kerosene.”

Harlequin recently caught up with a few app users to hear more about why they decided to give it a try, how they are using it, how they feel about it and how it’s benefiting them so far.

Enthusiastically received

Since its launch the app has been well received by tank installers who comment generally on its ease of use, up to date information and easy access.

Using the app

The app is mainly used to get product information such as tank dimensions, base sizes, images, and videos of the tanks while on a job as Dylan Jones, director, Oil Tank Gwynedd explains: “I use the app whenever I require updated product information instantly, especially when customers ask for specific information.

“It is impossible to remember all the product information, carry brochures with us or call the office and ask for the information.”

Also using it for easy access to product details is Neil Roberts, director, Oil Tank Solutions: “I normally use the app to access comprehensive product information that will help me sell and promote products better.”

Bringing benefits

“The ease of use, informal format, and the fact that the app can be accessed not only on the mobile but also on a tablet are some of the key benefits of the app,” comments Neil.

He goes on to add: “The information provided is not technical which makes things a lot easier for the customer and gives them better control over the decision-making process.”

Dylan highlighted some of the key benefits of the app he has found: “Showing customers the look and feel of products, comparison between different products and helping them register the warranty while on site.

“Registering the warranty is particularly useful so we don’t have to do anything once we leave site after the job is completed.”

Highly recommended

Installers who have registered for the app and have already been using it for an extended period are finding it a valuable tool and are keen to use it more as well as recommend it to other installers.

As Dylan shares: “It takes a while to transition to using an app. But once you start using it, you realise that it is extremely beneficial.”

Adding his own endorsement Neil agrees: “Harlequin Tank Centre App is a very useful tool for installers irrespective of the size of their business. Apart from being an informational tool, the ability to register product warranty on the app saves valuable time which we could spend effectively on getting more jobs.”

Additional features

Encouraged by the initial uptake and feedback, Harlequin are keen to get more installers using the app. Those using it are already finding the wealth of product information, literally at their fingertips, to be extremely valuable and the warranty registration is a big hit with those out installing tanks.

Created very much with installers in mind, Harlequin welcomes any thoughts or suggestions on other areas of development that will make this app an increasingly useful tool.