Fighting for the future of liquid fuel heating

Because OFTEC doesn’t always blow its own trumpet, we are sometimes criticised for not doing enough to defend the oil heating industry.

Paul Rose, OFTEC CEO

This is an understandable concern – there’s a lot at stake. I want to take this opportunity to reassure Oil Installer readers that, with our industry partners, OFTEC is pursuing every possible opportunity to argue that liquid fuels must be an essential part of future heating. And, as you can read on page 16, we are working on a wide range of projects and our efforts are making progress.

Some have asked why OFTEC is putting resource into heat pump training, rather than defending the oil heating sector. The answer is simple. Firstly, it’s the right thing to do – it’s a service that heating technicians have asked us for – and, by doing it, we are better placed to fight for liquid fuels. This may sound counter-intuitive, so let me explain.

Every heat policy announcement by the Government since 2010 has made it clear it thinks heat pumps will have an important role in the future. We know that they won’t work everywhere, but it’s far better that OFTEC demonstrates support by offering heat pump training and registration options, rather than simply resisting what’s happening.

By actively supporting, we are then in a much more credible position to argue that renewable liquid fuels like HVO are not only also needed but have an important role to play. Were we to attempt to obstruct the roll-out of heat pumps or only focus on liquid fuels, it would confirm the false impression that we are simply a fossil fuel organisation acting purely out of self-interest.

The truth could not be more different. At OFTEC we want decarbonisation to succeed in a way that is fair and affordable, and that means a future where renewable liquid fuels play a vital role alongside other low carbon heating options.

Paul Rose