New solar collector range

Firebird TZ Heatpipe solar collectors
Firebird TZ Heatpipe solar collectors

Firebird has introduced a new range of solar collectors.

The design of the TZ58-1800 Heatpipe collector enables solar energy to be captured, even at low temperatures, and prevents energy loss back to the atmosphere. The collector features aluminium manifold frames and nickel plated condensing heads for reliable long life, with a 94% absorption coefficient.

The TZ range is cost effective, offering excellent performance and build quality, and is competitively priced to suit tight budgets. Unlike other Firebird solar systems, the TZ58-1800 functions as a dry pipe system. This means that the solar fluid only flows directly across the manifold, with the heat transfer process occurring through a condenser head located on the top of the tube, inside the manifold. Tubes are individually fixed making for easier, more convenient handling and reducing the likelihood of damage in transit and on site.

All the company’s solar systems are supplied with the highest quality pump station, enabling quick and safe installation and easy filling. Firebird is currently awaiting MCS certification for its entire solar thermal range.