EOGB launches oil spill products

The Abzorb range of 100% organic oil spill products
The Abzorb range of 100% organic oil spill products
Burner manufacturer and distributor EOGB Energy Products Ltd has launched ‘Abzorb’, a range of environmentally-friendly oil spill clean-up products specially designed for oil engineers.

The items in the range, which are all made of 100% organic materials, are supplied as a full kit in a rigid plastic container, providing easy storage in an engineer’s van.

The 25 litre kit contains:

• Abzorb oil eater – a non-toxic organic loose fibre which can absorb up to ten times its own weight in spilt oil or product
• Absorbent snake – a 1 metre maize-filled tube for isolating spillages
• Abztract cleaner – a 250ml spray bottle of natural cleaner which removes oil ingress from concrete and hard surfaces
• Supazorb wipes – for wiping down any contaminated surface
• Gloves, safety goggles and full instructions for use

Martin Cooke, technical manager at EOGB, said: “We’re really pleased with the Abzorb range that we have developed. Oil engineers know all too well the issues that can arise with being unprepared should a spill or leak occur, and our kit is the perfect solution which can be purchased and easily stored in their vehicle.”