Energy fears mean 80% will ration heat this winter

Radflek radiator shot
Research has revealed that 80% of UK households will brave plummeting temperatures and ration their heating at home this winter – all in a bid to keep costs down.

A study of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Radflek Radiator Reflectors, revealed that consumers are so fearful of soaring energy costs that two thirds will hold out as long as possible before switching on the heat. When people do eventually switch on, half will do so for fewer hours and at lower temperatures, whilst more than a third will only heat the rooms they use the most.

Michael Back, sales director at Radflek, says: “It’s shocking that such a huge proportion of people are unaware of the cost-effective – and low-input – energy-saving solutions on the market today, and as a result are going to real extremes to keep warm for less. Worryingly, only half of those surveyed believe their property is energy efficient, which gives some idea of the huge level of heat loss still affecting homes all over the UK.”

The survey was commissioned to launch Radflek’s “Winter Warmup” campaign, an initiative to encourage consumers to be more aware about the importance of enhancing their home’s efficiency in the run-up to winter.

Radflek reflectors are made from laminated aluminium with a patented coating which reflects 95% of wasted heat from the rear of the radiator back into the room. Developed to deliver long-term energy savings, the sheets reduce heat loss through the wall behind the radiator by 45% and, claims the company, pay for themselves in just over one year.

Radflek has been independently tested by the BBA, verified by the BRE and is approved by Ofgem for CERT scheme use. It is also an Energy Saving Trust Listed Product.