Installers must join fight against oil theft

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With oil theft on the rise, Colin McGregor, Parts Center’s category director for pump, parts and controls, tells installers how they can help customers protect their tanks.

“Heating oil has become an easy target for criminals. The rising price of crude oil is to blame, and thieves are now targeting fuel tanks at farms, transport depots and domestic properties.

“Fortunately there are measures people can take to stop these criminals, and oil installers can help by passing on key advice.

“The position of the oil tank is extremely important. If it’s near a road, or out of sight, it’s a much easier target. Installers should recommend that customers plant thorny bushes around the tank, but it’s important to remember that BS 5410 requires any foliage be separated by at least 600mm from an oil storage tank because it represents a fire hazard.

“There are also a number of products that installers can recommend, like lockable caps, which make it harder for thieves to access the oil inside. Oil level gauges can also be installed, which sit on top of the tank and ensure there’s no unusual drop.

“The Kingspan Watchman Anywhere collects the data via a built in SIM, and transmits it to the Kingspan Sensor data centre, so users can monitor oil levels through any web-enabled device

“An installer’s job doesn’t finish when the oil heating system is installed. Those who take the time to help their customers protect their investments will have a better relationship, and could secure themselves business in the future; so let’s protect our oil tanks and stop these criminals in their tracks.”