Free heat pump seminars from Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric has announced a programme of free seminars highlighting the integral role heat pump technology has to play in both the commercial and residential heating sectors.

With rising energy bills and a raft of challenging legislation driving the demand for renewable, low carbon alternatives, the company believes that the time is right for modern heat pumps to demonstrate their full potential.

“The recent announcement on the Renewable Heat Incentive will help to increase demand,” explains Graham Temple, marketing communications manager.

“Not only are these highly efficient systems easier to install, maintain and operate than many other renewable systems, they can also significantly reduce running costs for both hard pressed businesses and households, whilst significantly lowering emissions.”

The company is the manufacturer of the Ecodan range of heat pumps, which use the latest technology to upgrade renewable energy from the outside air or ground, to provide space and water heating.

Mitsubishi Electric will be holding two separate events each month at its Hatfield headquarters, starting on 11th and 12th December.