What’s the Green Deal for technicians?

As renewable energy initiatives continue to hit the headlines, Oil Installer takes a look at the Green Deal and examines what it actually means for registered technicians.

The Green Deal aims to retrofit 14 million homes with energy efficiency improvements by 2020 with households able to get improvements, without having to front up the cash   £3.5m funding has been allocated train to people in key green skills; it is estimated this will create 65,000 jobs by 2015.

Green Deal providers – typically energy companies – will provide the up front capital, recouping their money back through energy bills. At the heart of the offer is the golden rule: Expected savings in typical properties consuming a normal amount of energy must be equal to or greater than the cost of the measure, and the length of the payment period should not exceed the expected lifetime of the measures.

A certified assessor will evaluate the property and advise on what measures – loft insulation, draught proofing, or the installation of a high efficiency boiler – should be carried out. Recommendations are then given to the householder and a Green Deal provider. Once approved, the recommended energy efficiency improvements will be installed by certified Green Deal installers, making sure that the improvements will deliver real carbon and energy bill savings.

The Green Deal loan is specific to the individual property; if sold before the loan has been repaid, liability to pay the installments will transfer automatically to subsequent occupiers.  Sellers will need to disclose details about any Green Deal plans on their buildings before they sell or rent them out. Details of any outstanding Green Deal loan will be included on the new Energy Performance Certificate for the property, which will be made available to all prospective buyers and new occupiers.

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Adding Green Deal to your OFTEC registration

OFTEC has taken part in the Green Deal pilot scheme with the UK Accreditation Service and Department for Energy & Climate Change to enable OFTEC technicians to extend their scope, initially to cover upgrading systems to high efficiency oil-fired condensing boilers, energy saving heating controls and associated cylinder/pipework insulation.

A simple inspection process will enable technicians to add Green Deal to their registration.  It is anticipated that Green Deal will generate new installation business for registered technicians. Technicians interested in extending their scope of registration to include the Green Deal measures should call 0845 658 5080.