Grant Vortex – the green choice for oil heating

Grant Vortex boiler
Grant’s new boiler house models are ideal for locations that are difficult to access
With well over a million UK homes using oil as their main fuel for heating and hot water, consumer interest in lowering running costs, improving system efficiency and, wherever possible, reducing carbon emissions, is paramount. The UK’s most efficient range of oil-fired boilers, encompassing 39 different model variations, each fitted with biofuel compatible burners, should therefore spark a lot of interest over the coming months. 

Biofuel compatibility

 Grant has been working closely with OFTEC over the last four years, undertaking trials on various blends of biofuel – oil that has been derived from biomass.  Tests have concluded that a 30% blend of kerosene and biofuel would be commercially viable, and that the Grant Vortex range of boilers could be easily adapted to run on this fuel with very few changes.

Grant made the decision earlier this year to upgrade the burners in all Vortex boilers to models that were compatible with both standard kerosene and biokerosene at a 30% blend, known as B30.  Every Grant Vortex condensing boiler that has been manufactured since May – including the very latest boiler house models – has a bio-compatible burner fitted.

As it is still necessary to change the oil feed line, and ensure that other components used when installing a boiler on biokerosene are suitable for the green fuel, Grant is in the process of producing a useful biofuel questions and answers guide, copies of which will be available in the very near future. Discussions are also taking place with a number of oil companies regarding supplies, after which Grant hopes to be able to give guidance to consumers on those distributors who are willing to supply biofuels.

OFTEC is currently lobbying government for biokerosene to be included in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff scheme which will be available from October 2012. The outcome of this lobbying is not yet known, but will be announced as soon as possible.

New Vortex models

Grant UK has introduced four new boiler house models, and two larger outdoor models, to the Grant Vortex Pro range.

The new boiler house versions come with an externally mounted burner and thermostat, and are ideal for locations that are difficult to access, such as cellars or plant rooms, where a white cased unit is not always the best solution.   All are available in outputs of 26-36kW, 36-46kW, 46-58kW and 58-70kW, with SAP 2009 seasonal efficiencies between 90.7% and 93.3%.  The models encompass the same unique stainless steel heat exchangers used in other Vortex boilers, together with Grant’s exclusive tabulator baffle system, which provides ultra-high efficiency and low running costs. There are also two new larger output Grant Vortex Pro outdoor models now available in sizes of 46-58kW and 58-70kW with a SAP 2009 seasonal efficiency of 91.7% and 91.4% respectively.