Firebird for built-in quality

Firebird Slimline combi oil boiler
Firebird’s Slimline Combi
“Firebird boilers are technically different from other main boiler brands on the UK market,” says national sales manager, Barry Bryndilsen.  “Rather than being an adaptation of an existing non-condensing type, they were designed as a condensing boiler from scratch, and incorporate unique features with proven benefits.

ü      Situated at the base of the boiler, the secondary heat exchanger is welded directly to the primary heat exchanger, eliminating the use of seals which can potentially leak and cause corrosion.  This enables the use of four conventional tappings, overcoming the need to alter pipework to existing systems when retro-fitting.

ü      A single door gives improved access for installation/servicing.  Other simple features include an extended hose length to the expansion vessel and the multi-directional condense trap.

ü      Condense baffles come in a comb format to simplify servicing and primary baffles have individual supports.  There are multiple entry points for the oil line and electrics and the combis have a seven pin plug to facilitate wiring.

ü      The digital burner control box features a full diagnostic facility and ensures maximum efficiency in operation with pre/post purge functions.  An interlock with the condense drain prevents continuous firing should the drain become blocked.  Thermistors are used for more accurate response for hot water flow sensing and frost protection thermostats are pre-wired to all outdoor models.

ü      Balanced flue versions are available across the whole condensing boiler range and totally plastic flue kits simplify installation.  Plume dispersal kits can be used straight off the top of the boiler – a useful facility in cellar installations where there is no clear route for a balanced flue system.

The Firebird range offers fully warranted conventional and condensing boilers plus condensing combis, kitchen, utility and outdoor models, with a five-year extended warranty available. All models are biofuel compatible with combis and slimline combis also compatible with Firebird’s solar thermal panel systems.