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The bigger the better

Hytek catalogue

Hytek’s new 2012/2013 catalogue is to be its biggest yet. The catalogue, which has an extra 14 pages and over 100 new products, boasts more than 12 different product sections. Grouping similar products together in these sections means that the new catalogue is an easy to navigate tool. Many products have remained at the same […]

Riello keeps it clean

Riello oil pump

Riello sees a number of oil pumps returned with claims that the unit has failed under warranty. The first check is to open the pump cover and look for signs of contamination. A large percentage of failures are caused by water, dirt or debris entering the pump. This is not covered under the company’s warranty terms and conditions. There must be […]

Filtration innovation

Adler & Allan filtration system Sockit

Adler & Allan (A&A) has launched Sockit, an innovative filtration system. The system is a simple and economical way of dealing with oil contaminated water being pumped out of oil tank bunds, manholes, vaults, sumps, retention ponds and ditches. It uses multi-stage filtration to remove hydrocarbons and sediment to almost non-detectable levels. Extremely efficient, reusable […]

Be direct

OFTEC Direct website

OFTEC has redesigned and relaunched its OFTEC Direct website, which supplies tools, books and equipment. The site is now easier to navigate with current offers all grouped together in one place. Users can order online, with the added option of paying in euros as well as UK sterling. The system now accepts laser cards, providing […]

APP for the world of work

HWOS app

Heating World of Spares is launching an exciting new product for engineers to help with the running of their businesses. The World of Work app can be accessed on a smart phone or tablet and provides a database facility, work planner and also enables instant invoicing. The company’s virtual magazine, store app and new quick […]

Eliminate debris

Sentinel Eliminator

Sentinel has launched the Eliminator, the first filter to remove magnetic and non-magnetic debris from a central heating system The Eliminator aims to revolutionise the market by using Quadra-CycloneTM technology. Four powerful hydro-cyclones push clean water into the system, while pushing all kinds of debris down into the collection chamber. Four magnets are used to […]

Fit and forget

Trianco compact Aztec oil boiler

Trianco has launched a new breed of super compact Aztec system boilers.  The Aztec system is a clever yet simple to install unit that offers the end user a clean and easy fit.  Designed as an all in one unit, Aztec system contains all the major components, normally installed in addition to a standard electric […]

Fire safety – no compromise

Fire safety with Fuel Stop fire valve

Capillary fire valves are a legal requirement for fuel burners. “When it comes to fire safety, there’s no compromise,” says Bob Blincowe of FuelStop. “It’s imperative that the valve selected boasts high-quality, exceptional reliability and optimum flexibility.  The FuelStop thermostatic fire valve (TFV) is liquid-filled rather than gas-filled, providing more reliability even in harsh weather […]

FAME solution

Anglo Nordic FAME solution

With the introduction of up to 7% FAME in normal fuel, Anglo Nordic has seen an increase in sales of water finding paste, tank water absorbers, filters and fuel conditioners. As FAME fuels are hygroscopic, they act as detergents – cleaning the walls of the storage tank, allowing dirt and sludge to be sucked into […]

New tank generation – Carbery

Carbery tank generation

Carbery has announced new product specifications across its range of single skin and bunded heating oil tanks. All tanks are now available with a choice of added-value Tankpacks.  Carbery’s Pat Daly says: “The introduction of new specifications makes a great range of tanks even better and is the result of an intensive market research initiative […]