Proliferation of solid fuel standards

Andy Genovese of Hove Wood Burners discusses solid fuel standards.

Prior to 2022, combustion appliances (wood stoves to you and me) were passed through one and occasionally two national and EU standards. These were CE (the EU’s ‘product passport’ allowing goods to be traded across the single market) and if the appliance met the smoke control legislation, DEFRA approval or exemption.

DEFRA helpfully provides a list of exempt appliances, although devolution has meant this list is UK country specific. The DEFRA standard concerns itself with smoke thickness (particulates) and CO output, but had the virtue of monitoring appliances both at low and high running.

Some appliances are designed to operate efficiently when connected to a 5”/125mm liner/chimney and the standard is policed by local councils – in effect it is not policed at all but promoted by various industry bodies.

CE standard

CE was blissfully . . .

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