Fuel quality standards for fixed combustion – an overview

The last 20 years have seen multiple changes to the standards controlling the quality of the fuel used for fixed combustion purposes. Within the liquid fuel sector, BS 2869 is the standard referred to for fossil fuels such as kerosene for domestic applications, or gas oil for non-domestic applications.

Fixed combustion

Over the same period, there have also been fundamental improvements to the specifics of C2 kerosene for fixed combustion as follows:


• Introduction of first minimum and maximum density limits for C2 kerosene.

• Introduction of first minimum specific energy content value for C2 kerosene.

• Reduction in maximum sulphur content of C2 kerosene.


• Minimum density limit of C2 kerosene increased from 750 kg/m3 to 775 kg/m3.


• Reduction of maximum density limit of C2 kerosene from 840 kg/m3 to 820 kg/m3.

• Introduction of first maximum specific energy . . .

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