Firebird paves the way for sustainable living

As we step into 2024, the push for sustainable home heating has never been more crucial.

Firebird paves the way for sustainable living

Firebird is committed to developing efficient, innovative heating products that are easy to install, promising homeowners long-lasting financial and carbon savings.

The company has made substantial investments in creating fuel-efficient products that are also friendly to the environment. This innovation has propelled Firebird to the forefront of the industry with liquid fuel boilers achieving an impressive 97.5% efficiency and remarkably low NOx emissions, half the EU limits.

HVO champions

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, Firebird has been championing the use of HVO as a biofuel for homes. Firebird boilers are fully compatible with HVO, a sustainable alternative to kerosene that can significantly reduce household emissions by up to 90%.

It’s clear the demand for information around HVO . . .

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