How installers can improve efficiency and keep customers costs down with Firebird

“Firebird’s Enviroair Air Source Heat Pump is a highly efficient and eco-friendly heating option for new build properties and developments,” explains national sales manager, Gary Davies.

Firebird offers full support for installers to maximise heating systems

“As more and more homeowners opt for renewable energies like heat pumps, installers can help customers maximise the efficiency of their Firebird Enviroair heat pump by providing advice on how to maintain it year-round.

“The homeowner needs to understand how the heat pump system operates and use the heating controls correctly in order to maximise its efficiency during seasonal changes.

“Holding a steady temperature allows heat pumps to operate most efficiently. Many may think that turning the temperature of the heat pump down when they are away or asleep could save them money on running costs, but as it has to work harder to reach the desired temperature, it could actually end up costing them more. It is recommended to set it at a comfortable temperature and leave it.”

Getting the best out of heat pumps

Gary explains further: “Even if the house feels warm enough, hot water isn’t needed, or there is a desire to save money, it’s not advisable to turn off the heat pump completely. Doing so will cause the system to have to work harder in the colder months, using more electricity in order to reach its peak performance level.”

Firebird offers full support for installers to maximise heating systems

Designed to provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and hot water systems, the Enviroair pumps are available in single phase outputs from 7.5 to 16kW. Featuring a single Monobloc unit, which is installed outside the property, the range provides a compact and space saving solution. Cheaper to install than a ground source heat pump, every 1kW of electricity used to power a pump provides up to 5kW of energy to a home. It is ultra-quiet in operation and emits fewer decibels than a domestic fridge, making it the perfect choice for renewable home heating.

Total support for installers

To support installers, Firebird’s Technical Hub aims to make the planning and installation process of the heating system as simple and as trouble free as possible. Based at the company’s UK headquarters in Plymouth, the Technical Hub provides a free home heating consultation and technical support package for heating professionals.

The service not only ensures that important warranty criteria are met, but in the case of renewable installations, provides valuable support in complying with MCS requirements.