Talon Manufacturing agrees licensing deal with Pipesnug

Talon, a manufacturer of pipe clips, collars and covers in the UK, has agreed an exclusive worldwide licensing deal with PipeSnug.

Talon Manufacturing agrees licensing deal with PipeSnug

Since its launch in 2017 by Chris Burdett and Alex Lever, PipeSnug and then FlueSnug have been used by thousands of plumbers and builders, national housebuilders and Local Authorities. The products’ success has transformed the way the industry and the Building Regulations approach sealing around pipework.

In 2021, Part L of the Building Regulations was amended and now specifies the need for pipe seals and grommets on pipe penetrations in buildings. PipeSnug and FlueSnug meet this requirement quickly, without the need for any extra sealant or air sealing tape. Today, FlueSnug is endorsed by key boiler manufacturers and both products are used by major housebuilders to comply with Part L.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with PipeSnug,” says Dean Heathfield, Talon’s commercial director. “The addition of these innovative pipe sealing products into the Talon family really does make perfect sense. We are really excited to have PipeSnug on board. Talon will help accelerate the “‘Snug” family of products’ growth through increased distribution, next day delivery, more product development and even more marketing support.

“We have watched the PipeSnug phenomenon grow over the years and we have been really impressed by the benefits the products bring to heating and plumbing installers, as well as to housebuilders and local authorities when it comes to complying with Part L of the Building Regulations,” continues Dean.

“Talon’s product range is much more than just pipe clips. This is a significant step for us as we widen our product range even further. We are proud to say ‘PipeSnug by Talon’.”

Exploring opportunities

For PipeSnug’s founders Chris Burdett and Alex Lever, the deal with Talon ends one chapter of their story but opens another. Both of them will be engaged by Talon to advise and consult on expanding the range as well as new product development, including ideas that may potentially be as transformative as PipeSnug.

“The move to Talon is absolutely the right one for PipeSnug,” says Alex Lever, PipeSnug’s co-founder. “We shall join Dean and his team in pushing PipeSnug forward and under Talon’s wings we shall look to bring more ideas to market that save time and money for the trade. The partnership also allows us to further explore opportunities for the product outside of the UK too.”

“From those first ideas and meetings with Alex in the pub back in the early days, via Dragons’ Den to this partnership with Talon, our journey with PipeSnug has been amazing,” says Chris Burdett. “I can’t wait to see PipeSnug soar to even greater heights in its new home!”