Worcester Bosch launches new Savvy Series

Worcester Bosch has launched its new Savvy Series to support installers in guiding homeowners through the various options and advantages around future green home heating technologies.

Worcester Bosch launches new Savvy Series

With the cost of living impacting the lifestyles of millions of UK homeowners, the new content series is part of an extensive push by Worcester Bosch to deliver quality and impactful energy saving tips to homeowners to help curb the cost of household spend and energy usage. It will also provide much needed guidance for consumers to empower them when it comes to choosing future greener heating systems for their homes.

The Savvy Series will be fronted by TV presenter and consumer champion Angellica Bell, with each video revealing new tips on how homeowners can either save money in the face of skyrocketing household bills or gain a better understanding of greener heating options for their home.

The series also simplifies greener home heating, giving the viewer a better understanding of the future technology that may be available to them. The home heating solutions covered include hydrogen, heat pumps and hybrid systems.

The below topics are available on the Worcester Bosch YouTube channel and its website.

  • Being the boss of your home heating and saving on energy bills
  • Getting to grips with hybrids
  • Hearing about heat pumps
  • The benefits of home air conditioning
  • Hello to hydrogen

Energy-saving tips and guidance

Savvy Series presenter Angellica Bell said: “Many of us don’t realise just how energy-intensive our homes can be, and as a result, how much it can chip away at our finances. By making a few quick changes to the way we set-up our homes, it can really make a huge difference. I hope the Savvy Series helps homeowners make savings on their energy bills as well as guide them to making greener heating choices.”

Martyn Bridges, director of technical services at Worcester Bosch, added: “The cost-of-living crisis shows no signs of stopping, leaving millions of us with rising household bills – and with that, mounting pressures enforcing us to consider cut-backs in all parts of our lives to cope.

“We’re delighted to have Angellica as the face of our Savvy Series. Her involvement will help us reach more homeowners with both energy-saving tips and the right guidance to help them transition to the greener heating future.”

Richard Lloyd, a Cannock-based installer, commented: “Future home heating solutions – what they are, and how they can help – is something customers often ask us about. The landscape is complex for those unfamiliar with the various options, and it can be quite scary to get your head around.

“This series will really support the industry in communicating to customers in new, engaging and simplistic terms not only what the different types of technologies are, but how customers can benefit from each one. This’ll be a great tool we can reference in our customer communications.”