The times, they are a changin’… for Oil Installer

Oil Installer magazine has been a constant for OFTEC since it’s first publication in 2010, over 12 years ago. However, the words of the Bob Dylan classic from the 1960s are as true now as ever; we live in an era where change is probably the only normal. That certainly applies to off-gas grid heating. While it may seem that we work in an industry where little has changed in decades, we stand on the threshold of profound change as momentum builds in the renewable transformation of heating.

Oil Installer magazine goes digital

How we communicate and share information has also changed dramatically. While some of us still prefer to read a physical magazine, many now get all our information from a smart phone or tablet. After a lot of thought and consideration, we’ve decided it’s time we embraced these changes for our magazine too.

It means that from the summer issue of Oil Installer, you’ll now have a choice whether to read the magazine electronically, or continue to receive it as a paper copy, exactly as now. The default option will be the electronic version, so you’ll now need to notify OFTEC if you wish to keep receiving a printed hard copy. You can change your preferences at any time and, rest assured, we have no plans to phase out the paper version. OFTEC will shortly be sending out details for how to choose your preferred option, so make sure we have an up-to-date email address for you by checking your details on the OFTEC website.

A much wider range of technologies

If the first reflects changes to how we consume information, the second relates to how the industry is changing. OFTEC’s registration scheme now caters for a much wider range of technologies than when it was originally set up. The name Oil Installer will seem irrelevant if your business installs only heat pumps or biomass, so we need to create a more inclusive publication that will be useful to everyone in the heating industry. We’ve decided that, starting from the autumn issue, the magazine will be retitled and will amalgamate with Renewable Energy Installer, a sister title also currently produced by the publishers.

There will be no change to OFTEC’s commitment to liquid fuels, and the magazine will continue to fully support the needs of existing oil heating technicians, alongside newer technologies such as heat pumps. It’s a solution that we hope will retain all the best features of the current magazine, while keeping it relevant for the future.

What you need to do

  • Everyone will get access to the new electronic magazine, so if you only want to receive it this way, there’s no need to do anything – you’ll receive a notification and link from OFTEC as soon as the next issue is published.
  • If you’d like to continue to receive the paper version of the magazine, simply click on the link OFTEC will send you in the next e-news and complete the form, confirming your name, registration number and delivery address. You’ll also find the form in the technician area of OFTEC’s website.

OFTEC will send further information about this in our next E-newsletter.