British Gas to drive demand for heat pumps with lowest price guarantee

Following on from last year’s heat pump installation offer, reported by Renewable Energy Installer, British Gas goes one step further in a bid to drive heat pump demand.

British Gas heat pump guarantee
  • British Gas will now be guaranteeing to provide the lowest quote for a heat pump install – with prices starting from £2,999
  • New lower prices will be supported by a price match scheme for any like for like installation
  • British Gas has installed more heat pumps than any other company and has committed to training 3,500 engineers in green skills

British Gas has announced it will be offering the lowest priced heat pump installations to help more of its customers to lower their emissions. British Gas will start prices from £2,999 per install1 but will match anything lower offered by another company for a MCS credited install.

Heat pumps will play an essential part in the UK achieving its Net Zero goals by 2050 and British Gas has been leading the market with over 2,300 heat pumps installed to date and completing the first install to benefit from the Government boiler upgrade scheme.

British Gas hopes this offer will help more people make the switch and lower their emissions. The British Gas Net Zero Index released at the end of 2022 showed that there is more uncertainty about low carbon heating compared to other energy efficiency products like insulation and solar panels.

When homeowners were asked what they would replace their existing boiler with, 37% said a similar gas or oil-fired boiler and only 14% said they’d choose a heat pump.

Heat pump technology is widely recognised as the best immediate option for millions of off-grid, well-insulated homes, and is critical to keeping the UK on track to achieve net zero by 2050. Heat pumps are 350% efficient compared to the best boilers being 90-95%.

Supporting customers in lowering their emissions

Andrew Middleton, Managing Director of British Gas Net Zero says:

“Heat pumps are an essential part of the UK’s journey towards a decarbonised future. We recognise that many households are being cautious with their spending in the current climate and want to do all we can to make this technology more affordable – so that those customers who can make the move to low carbon heating feel compelled to do so now.

“Supporting our customers in lowering their emissions at home is at the forefront of our plans and we need to make sure it is affordable and accessible so that no one is left behind. We are committed to working with governments, regulators and legislators to ensure we have the right policies and frameworks in place to achieve this. Our engineers have installed over 8,000 electric car charging points, have installed over 2,300 heat pumps and are improving insulation and providing solar panels around the country each day.”

 Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan said:

“It is fantastic that homeowners across England and Wales will benefit from the clean, efficient energy that heat pumps deliver and at a much more competitive price than they would have been sold for just a few years ago, thanks to initiatives like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and British Gas’s new offer.

“We know that heat pumps are proven to be an excellent, reliable technology which help consumers to move away from fluctuating gas prices. With offers like this one, alongside government incentives such as slashing VAT on heat pump installation to zero, government and industry can work together in helping more homeowners to see these benefits in 2023 and beyond”. 

The offer applies to a standard air source heat pump up to 7Kw and a standard cylinder with a capacity up to 200L, along with mechanical and electrical installation. British Gas will further support customers by offering five years warranty after installation.