Changes affecting England regarding carbon monoxide (CO) alarms

In England, from the 1st of October, changes were made to Building Regulations Approved Document J. It is now a requirement to install a carbon monoxide alarm when installing or replacing a fixed-combustion fuel-burning appliance in a dwelling, this excludes gas appliances used solely for cooking.


The alarm should comply with BS 50291-1:2018, be provided in the room where the appliance is located and be powered by a battery designed to operate for the working life of the alarm, it should also incorporate a warning device to alert users when the working life of the alarm is about to expire.

As an alternative, a mains- powered alarm with fixed wiring (not a plug-in type) conforming to BS EN 50291 of the Type A type may be used, providing they are fitted with a sensor failure warning device.

Further guidance and recommendations on the installation of carbon monoxide alarms are available in BS EN 50292:2013 and from manufacturers’ instructions.

Building Regulations Approved Document J