NIBE’s sustainable heat pump UK tour  

NIBE is travelling throughout the UK to give homeowners and installers the chance to get up close with its latest range of innovative products and heat pump technologies. 

NIBE on tour

The company is bringing the latest technological and product innovations directly to installers and the general public with a UK tour in a state of the art trailer that kicks off on 16th July at the Braehead Retail Park in Glasgow. 

The tour will end on 31st July and will visit 8 UK cities including Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Windsor and London in a speciality-built trailer which will give homeowners and installers an opportunity to get up close to the latest product ranges. The choice of transport for the tour will host NIBE’s innovative product solutions for heating homes sustainably.  

Those interested in getting to know NIBE better and have been thinking about renewable heating systems will be given the opportunity to get on the trailer and learn about the innovative technologies offered by the brand. 

How do heat pumps extract natural energy from one place to another? 

Visitors will get the opportunity to learn about how heat pumps extract natural energy from one place and transfer it to another in order to provide energy-efficient, cost-effective space heating and hot water. They will also see how they can help save money on their heating bills. Installers are invited to pop in and learn about NIBE’s best in class heat pump solutions such as the industry leading, new S2125 air source heat pump.  

“NIBE exists to provide the world with better energy solutions. Our UK tour will give homeowners and installers the chance to see first-hand the options available to transform heating systems to the latest available technologies. Heat pumps offer a fantastic solution to helping UK families and business do their bit to reduce carbon emissions.  

“NIBE strives to maximise the output of each single product, and our industry-leading air source heat pump is no exception. We invite installers to come and see our products and to learn about NIBE Pro our installer partnership scheme designed to guide and assist them and their teams in making the change to installing heat pumps.  

“We have been investing widely in the development of innovative solutions which will be showcased in our visit to cities across the country. I am delighted that our dedicated teams will be able to show what we have on offer,” said Phil Hurley, managing director of NIBE Energy Systems.​