Boilers – are two or more better than one?

Although a single appliance is the most frequently chosen option, large dwellings or commercial premises often benefit from having two or more smaller appliances, rather than a single appliance, to meet the building’s maximum heat requirements. So, when it comes to replacing a single large appliance, it’s well-worth discussing this option with your customer.

To maximise the potential benefits of this type of installation a suitable control system can be fitted to enable the appliance to be installed in a “cascade” system (where boilers can be sequenced to come into and out of service when required). This arrangement has a number of benefits:

  • Reliability – if one appliance breaks down, other appliances continue to supply heat. Similarly, it may be possible to service one appliance at a time whilst the heating continues to run.
  • Efficiency – individual boilers can be turned on and off according . . .

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