NEW Rayburn range

Rayburn has launched a new range of central heating range cookers.

The 700 Series will be available in six models, including five powerful central heating versions and a cooker-only derivative (700K). The 780KCD features an A-rated condensing boiler, boasting efficiencies of over 92%, as well as a central heating and hot water output of 24kW (80,000BTUs).

The other models are capable of providing heating and hot water for a variety of property sizes, with the entry model (760K) offering a boiler output of 17.6kW (60,000 BTUs), and the largest model (799K) delivering 29.3kW (100,000BTUs). And, with all models in the range measuring under a metre in width, the new range is perfect for any size of home.

The 700 Series has two independent burners: one for heating and hot water, the other for cooking. To encourage fuel efficiency and energy saving, the new model has an Eco mode for the boiler, ensuring it runs at its optimum efficiency. In addition, digital controls and bespoke software accurately monitor all temperatures for effective modulation of burners and maximum performance.

Easy to maintain and service, the two independent burners slide out of the appliance. To ensure it is running at maximum efficiency, the combustion chamber insulation can be replaced easily from the top of the cooker, without a complete strip down. Engineers can obtain diagnostics easily with a fault code analysis system incorporated into the appliance, while all burners use standard industry components for readily available spare parts.