A winning combination

Hybrid Heating ASHP Install 022
Encouraging oil installers to join Hybrid Heating System’s installer network, managing director, Mark Menhennet
For installers wishing to offer their customers services in renewables, MCS registration can be both expensive and time consuming (see page 28-29). Mark Menhennet, Hybrid Heating Systems, talks to Oil Installer about taking the pain away for those who train.

“Recent property surveys show a need for hybrid or bivalent products in larger houses where an air source heat pump (ASHP) may not be able to manage all the heating and hot water needs of the household alone. The most common example is a larger than average house currently heated by oil with a minimum heat requirement set by MCS rules in excess of that available from a single phase 16Kw heat pump.

“The answer is a hybrid oil and ASHP system as currently available from Glow-Worm, utilising the existing boiler to which is added an ASHP and hydraulic module that connects the existing heating system to both the oil and ASHP boilers.

Advanced heating

“The advanced heating controls that come with this unit run the ASHP as the primary heat source for maximum economy and fire the oil boiler to assist with any sudden high demand the ASHP fails to manage on its own.

“As usual the bureaucrats have done their best through the MCS scheme to make things as difficult as possible for both the installer and the end user to navigate. The MCS registration is a necessary requirement for installers so their customers can claim government grants for the installation of qualifying green heating products like air source heat pumps, however the registration process is expensive, time consuming and onerous.

Taking care of paperwork

“Hybrid Heating Systems has set up a nationwide installer network for those who wish to be a part of this important new market but find the paperwork too difficult to manage on top of a long working day. The company manage all the MCS accreditation and Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) funding, they offer finance packages and provide sales expertise along with guaranteed payment for the installer.

“The scheme is simple in execution and allows the self-employed or small business heating engineers to concentrate their time on installation without the time consuming distraction of form filling and MCS accreditation. They also benefit hugely from the support of a 24 hour fully managed professional sales and operational back office support function they couldn’t afford on their own, this helps smaller business’s compete on level terms with larger concerns.”