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Grant UK Spira wood pellet boiler

The Spira range is on show at East Green Energy’s company headquarters

The installation of a Grant Spira wood pellet boiler in East Green Energy’s showroom has generated a great deal of interest. Not only does the boiler act as a primary heating source for the company’s premises, but it also offers customers a unique opportunity to see the advantages offered by this type of renewable technology.

The Spira range is available in a variety of outputs and provides hot water via an open vented thermal store cylinder. By utilising the same patented Vortex condensing technology as Grant’s oil-fired boilers, the range can maintain efficiencies of up to 97%. Its unique, self-cleaning design collects ash from the combustion grate and heat exchanger tubes, reducing cleaning and maintenance to once a year, under normal running conditions.

MCS approved, the boiler was recently awarded Best Renewable Energy Product 2011 by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

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