Historic boiler discoveries

Worcester Bosch 1960s Firefly installation manual was also recovered
1960s Firefly manual was recovered
Worcester, Bosch Group recently opened a museum at the company’s Warndon, Worcester headquarters.  The museum guides visitors through five decades of products, photography and literature, and features a number of products dating back through previous decades.

“Last year saw us launch our nationwide hunt for the oldest Worcester boiler,”   said Martyn Bridges, director of marketing and technical support. “A number of installers and customers alike impressed us with their discoveries. Thanks to those who notified us of their historical findings, we were able to obtain a number of different boiler models for our museum. We rewarded each customer who donated their boiler with a £400 donation towards a new high-efficiency Greenstar replacement.”

The oldest boiler brought to Worcester’s attention was a Firefly oil-fired boiler from the 1960s, which was discovered by Mike Brandon in Newcastle. “The boiler remains in impressively good condition and was given a new lease of life by our R&D team before being placed on display,” Martyn told Oil Installer.

“Also brought to our attention was a pair of Heatslave 2+ gas-fired boilers from 1980, which were both in full working order prior to their discovery. They sit alongside the Firefly at our museum and certainly show what a difference 30 years can make!” added Martyn.